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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Tarey Potter

Tarey Potter Tarey Potter is a mixed/multi-media artist aspiring to continually evolve his own creativity and provoke thought and inspiration in others. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with the conciseness of his artworks, further complicates the reception of their manifold layers of meaning. Tarey currently lives and works in Boise, Idaho.

Artist Statement, Photography:
My work begins through the use of digital SLR photography and a computer, which emphasizes the endless medium of digital media. I explore the abstract and creative lighting through handmade scenery as motifs to describe the idea of imaginary space. Using props, models and multiple images as patterns, I try to create meditative environments that provoke thought and inspiration.

Artist Statement, Sculpture:
My work is an attempt to transform ordinary matter into something extraordinary, to bridge the conceptual realm to the material world. I recycle and repurpose objects using materials in ways that distill and represent various aspects of their inherent physical properties, revealing an unexpected beauty in a previously unseen way.

I have been an artist since I was a child, working in a variety of media including paint (oil and watercolor), mixed media, sculpture, photography, digital music, graphic arts and website design. I aspire to evolve my own creativity and inspire others through my company Thee Art Of, a free gallery and resource website that in turn helps to generate community arts involvement and volunteerism.

Education / Professional Experience:
I have degrees in graphic design, desktop publishing and offset printing. I have been working as a graphic artist for over twenty years, in both design and production. Current graphic design work includes website design, business cards and brochures, postcards and other media for a variety of people and businesses.

Awards & Accomplishments:

• Dancing Elephant Gallery, Baker City, Oregon, Photo Display -2014

• Wild Lotus Art Gallery, Photo and Sculpture Display -2013-2014

• Art in Traffic, Boise Utility Box Artist -Overland & Curtis -2013

• Cactus Bar, Boise, Idaho, Photo Display -2012 thru 2014

• Teton Arts Council, Teton Brewing Company “The Art of Beer” Label Contest -2011
1st and 3rd place winner

• Teton Arts Council, “Pin-Ups, Stickin' It to Breast Cancer!” Fundraiser - 2011, 2010
2011 - Donated and sold "Enigma di Lisa Brassiere lluminato Art Bra”
2010 - Donated and sold print "Carry the Torch", presented at The Circus Gallery

• Gallery Alexa Rose, Boise, Idaho, Unframed Photo Exhibit – 2010

• Brew Your Own Magazine, Label Contest - 2011, 2009
2011 - Label design Editor's Choice Award
2009 - Label design contest winner

• Boise City Arts Commission, Digital Art Collection – 2007
One of eight artists with work selected for the City of Boise Digital Art Collection, a Boise Percent-for-Arts project. The piece, a digitally manipulated photograph, is displayed at Boise City Hall in front of the entrance to the Information Technology (IT) Department.

• Boise Weekly Cover Art Grant Winner - 2009
Thee Art Of, an artists’ group founded by Tarey P., was the proud recipient of a Boise Weekly Cover Art Grant, awarded to help Thee Art Of bring visual arts to the established Boise Experimental Music Festival. The grant provided materials for visual artists to create improvisational art during musical performances.

• Boise Weekly Black and White Photo Contest - 2010, 2009, 2008
2010 - Honorable Mention, "Dry Lake Bed"
2009 - First Place, "Sunset Theater"
2008 - Two Honorable Mentions, "Tide Poles, & Mud Bubbles"

• Idaho State Fair, Photography - 2010, 2008
2010 - Second Place, "Sunset Theater"
2008- Fourth Place, "Antique Showerhead & Mud Bubbles"

• Boise Weekly Bad Cartoon Contest - 2009, 2005
2009 - Second Place, "Flower Pot Man"
2005 - Honorable Mention, "Kuna Gothic"

• Photography/Video/Design for Boise Experimental Music Festival
B.E.M.F. –aka- B.C.I.M.F. -2005 through 2010
I provided photo and video documentation for five years of the annual festival in Boise, Idaho, and coordinated the inclusion of visual arts in 2009 and 2010 with several artists creating live improvisational art during the musical performances.

• Exhibit at Playscool Nightclub, Salt Lake City, Utah, Painting & Sculpture Display-1995